The committee of the Adams Society is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting in Lent Term. They are responsible for the smooth running of the society, along with their individual roles.

Committees from previous years can be found on the Past Committees page.


Nic Janisch

Hi, I’m Nic, a 2nd year maths student at St John’s and President of the Adams Society for 2020-2021. This society is home to the wonderful community of mathematicians in college, and aims to nurture it through organising interesting talks and regular social events for it’s members throughout the year. I am very excited for everything we have planned this year!

Vice President

Freddy McNulty

The duties of the Vice-President is to arrange and coordinate social events for the society, as well as working with other colleges and university societies to arrange joint events.


Mary Letey

As Publicity officer for 2020-2021, I’m excited to spread the word on all the amazing things the Adams Society can offer to Cambridge students, from simulating lectures to lively social hangouts. I’m looking forward to boosting turnout, particularly Fresher attendance, as well as adding more social events and collaborations with other societies.


Laurence van Someren

The Treasurer overseas the financial running of the society, including managing the Society’s account and keeping records of the Society’s financial affairs.


Jakub Wornbard

The Secretary is in charge of general admin, such as calling meetings, keeping minutes, keeping registers and make sure the right people are updated with information about the society.

Women’s officer

Sophie McInerney

Hi, I’m Sophie, a 2nd year and the women’s officer. I aim to continue the welcoming environment for female mathematicians at St Johns, and look at ways we can achieve greater success for women in applying to and whilst at Cambridge. I always love to hear any ideas people have, or to just reach out and say hi.


Maciej Maruszczak

Hey, I’m Maciej, a 2nd year maths student at St John’s and Sponsorship Officer of the Adams Society for 2020-2021. Besides maths, I’m really into rowing. I’m glad our college has an increasingly active Maths Society and I’m proud to be part of such an engaged committee. It looks like this year we’re going to have more exciting events than ever! I can’t wait to see the mathmos community come together!


Sae Koyama

My key goal as Webmaster this year was to get the new Adams society website up and running. With this task complete, I aim to improve representation on our website, through updated photos and some information about our activities aimed at widening participation in mathematics.

If you have any questions about the roles or want to suggest new ones, feel free to contact us!

About Us

The Adams Society is the mathematics society of St John’s college, Cambridge. We host numerous events each year including mathematical talks and socials.

More about events.


Free admission to all talks. Refreshments are served in the foyer before each talk.

Our talks usually take place in the Fisher Building, St John’s College.

Direction and map.


Get in touch through our committee members or email

Our committee members.

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