The Adams society hosts numerous socials and other events for Johnians studying mathematics. Note that these events are for Adams Society members only, except for the Garden Party in Easter term.

Fresher’s Squash

We welcome the newcomers each year in their first week with a Freshers’ Squash, a friendly social for them to meet the mathmos from all years, find out more about the society and our activity, and chat with provided refreshments.

Fresher’s Squash 2015
Desserts Party 2010

Desserts Party

In Michaelmas, we hold a Desserts Party after dining in Hall. Students are joined by fellows in the intimate setting of the Wordsworth Room to enjoy a fine selection of wines, fruit, cheese, and occasionally, even actual desserts!

Castlereagh Christmas

Castlereagh Christmas is a Christmas party for Johnian mathmos. As the title suggests, it’s held in the Castlereagh Room near the end of Michaelmas term, shortly before Christmas. Every year, we will be offering food, drinks, a secret santa, and large array of silly party games!

Castlereagh Christmas 2016
Annual Dinner 2016

Annual Dinner

Our largest members’ event of the year is the Annual Dinner, a black tie affair in the grand candlelit Senior Combination Room. Along with fellows and students, we invite an honorary guest to dine and speak at the dinner; speakers in the past include Prof Andrew Wiles, Prof Imre Leader and Prof Béla Bollobás.

Board Games Night

A recently initiated “tradition”, each Lent term we host a night of board games and other exciting activities, and the committee will also order in large amounts of pizza for all to enjoy!

Board Games Night 2017
Catz football match 2016

Catz Football match

A recently revived tradition is our Lent term football match against the Hyperbolics, the mathematicians of St Catherine’s College.

TMS Cricket Match

It has been a long tradition that in Easter term, the Adams Society competes in a cricket match with our friendly rivals next door of the Trinity Mathematics Society (TMS). There is room for all members to join in trainings, regardless of sporting ability! The TMS captain traditionally bowls an apple as the first ball.

TMS cricket match 2010
Adam Soc Garden Party 2014

Adams Society Garden Party

This event is open to all members of the University. Held in the Fellow’s Garden, it’s a chance for everyone to unwind and mingle on a beautiful lawn (which may be sat on!) at the end of the year.

About Us

The Adams Society is the mathematics society of St John’s college, Cambridge. We host numerous events each year including mathematical talks and socials.

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Free admission to all talks. Refreshments are served in the foyer before each talk.

Our talks usually take place in the Fisher Building, St John’s College.

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